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Winning the Hearts of your Talents


Talent Development


40 selected talent pool members


3 months



The banking industry has experienced a record high turnover rate in the last three years. What can management do to retain their top talents? There is no easy answer, but let’s think for a moment from the perspective of your staff members; would you stay in a company in which if you were given a chance to run the business as you wish?

Among 14,475* full-time employees are 400 Talents identified as a result of their contribution, job performance, and recommendations from immediate superiors. In late 2011, we worked with BOCHK to launch a series of innovative training programs to the “cream off the top”. 40 Talents were identified from the talent pool, representing 10% of the talent pool and 0.28% of the workforce to go through a project-based learning program as shown in the diagram below.

*as of December 31, 2011

The end result of this learning project triggers another wave of user experience enhancements in BOCHK.

1. Selection

14,475 full-time staff members to 400 talent pool members, then to 40 selected program attendeese

2. Marketing

Opening Ceremony to kick off the learning program.

Key note speech by Mr. HE Guangbei (和廣北先生) Vice Chairman and Chief Executive of BOCHK.

Program overview by Mr. Kelvin Fung, CEO of Thinkertoys Inc.

3. Job Relevance

Consultation with senior management in charge of BOCHK’s continuous improvement projects and obtain endorsement to use real projects as in-class exercises

4. Project


  • Thinkertoys
  • Site visits
  • Group meetings
  • Proposal writing


  • Presentation skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Rehearsals

5. Board Presentation

Teams presenting their improvement ideas to board members