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Objective /

By completing this program, learners will be able to …

  • Adopt a structured approach in problem dissection and idea generation to guarantee:
    • Depth and Breadth of problem analysis
    • Quality of idea
    • Quantity of idea & Fluency of ideation process
  • Apply the Thinkertoys methodology to come up with cost-effective and practical work improvement ideas

Target Audience /

  • Business leaders in charge of innovation projects
  • Product design professionals
  • Department managers
  • Frontline staff members
  • Professionals

Program Content /

Case Studies
  • Learning from the world’s most innovative companies - case studies
  • Qualities of an innovative person: lessons from Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Richard Branson, etc.
Thinkertoys Methodology
  • Problem Dissection
  • Idea Generation
  • Idea Screening
Problem Dissection Tools
  • The Suspects: a powerful tool to expand people’s perspective in viewing a problem and start thinking of tackling a problem from multiple stakeholders’ angles
  • Time and Space: Shift learners’ here-and-now perspective into a holistic approach; the tool is highly practical in analyzing complicated business problem
Idea Generation Tools

False Faces; Idea Box; SCAMPER; Brutethink

  • Games / exercises to illustrate the concepts of selected Thinkertoys
  • Commercial examples (Product / Services)
  • Templates (Step-by-step guide)
  • Exercise & Practice
Application (optional)
  • Facilitating brainstorming sessions
  • Idea Screening
  • Selling ideas to management

Selected Thinkertoys /

False Faces
How to find ideas by reversing conventional assumptions
Business solution requires unique and original idea (e.g. expand scope for existing business)
Idea Box
How to identify and box the parameters of a challenge to quickly produce thousands of new ideas
Develop new product / services concept or business scheme / marketing strategy
How to manipulate what exists into something different
Business operation improvement and enhancement towards existing product / services
Forces a connection between two dissimilar concepts to create a new
Brainstorm of out-of-the-box ideas towards gifts, event / promotion and advertisement

Group Size /


Duration /

1 day

Methodology / Learning Approach

The program presents selected toys from Michael’s work. Enhanced by solution-based approach and step-by-step application, practicality and learning transfer to day-to-day work is guaranteed.

Dozens of real life examples and case studies, individual and group exercises, and class presentations will be included in the workshop; participants will experience the power of creative thinking process in this fun-packed program